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Vendor/Exhibitor Space Information

To view the entire Vendor/Exhibitor Package, click HERE.

The Package contains the following components and each component can be opened individually by clicking on any of the components listed below:

1.  173d Airborne Brigade Association Information
2.  Vendor/Exhibitor Room Schedule
3.  Contract for Exhibit Space Fees
4.  Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Floor Plan
5.  Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Exhibit Service Order Form

Please direct any questions to 2018 Reunion Chairman Joe Flesch at sigholz.capital.chapter@gmail.com or 301-266-0216.

After completing and signing the Contract for Exhibit Space, please mail it with your check payable to the "173d Airborne Brigade Association to:

Jerry L. Cooper CPA, Assistant Treasurer
4004 Sheffield Avenue
Muskogee, OK 74403-8557

Or you may also scan and email the completed form to sigholz.capital.chapter@gmail.com and pay your Exhibit Space fees by clicking on the pull-down arrow on the below link to select your Organization Type:

To pay for your Vendor Space, you do not need a PayPal account and if you don't want to open a PayPal account, click on "Check Out" in the bottom right corner to pay without a PayPal account. PayPal processes all of our credit card payments regardless of the credit card used.

Organization Type Selection

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Phone: +1 (614) 206-2919

Email: President@skysoldier.net 

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